The Top Home Building Trends of 2023

2023 is shaping up to be a year of evolution, as home building trends continue to positively impact the way we live and build. Here at Ultimate Builders, we have put together the top five home building trends in 2023. These are the trends we see making a huge impact in residential construction this year.

Our house and land packages are thoughtfully designed to incorporate the latest home building trends, with open spaces, ample natural light, energy-efficient design, welcoming kitchens, and seamless indoor-outdoor integration. Browse our house and land packages in Waikato, Ngaruawahia, Putaruru, and Canterbury, to start the journey to a new home today.  

1. Biophilic Design: Bringing the Outside In

There is a growing movement towards biophilic design: bringing the outside in. Biophilic design is an environmental architectural style that highlights the buildings natural qualities.

The idea is that the design mimics the outdoor environment’s shapes, textures and colours to make the occupants feel more in tune with their environment. This 2023 home building trend is here to stay – and we’re not mad about it.

Key features include:

  • Natural Light: Relying more on natural light than artificial; skylights, suntubes, large windows etc
  • Earthy Colours: Colours such as green, grey, brown and other earthy tones that appear most often in nature
  • Greenery: Lots of plants occupy biophilic buildings. They bring life and improve the homes air quality.

2. Sustainability

One of the biggest home building trends in 2023 will continue to be sustainability. As the demand for green architecture grows, so does the desire for renewable, low-maintenance features. Key sustainable home features include:

Solar Energy and Passive Design: The implementation of solar power enhances the energy and cost efficiency of your home. By investing in solar energy during your build process, you will not only save on your upfront costs but also reap the cost savings from the get-go.  

High-Performance Windows: Windows are responsible for over 50% of lost energy in our homes. By investing in new window technology, you can limit energy loss and increase individual comfort. Find out more tips for building an energy-efficient home here.

Energy-Efficient Appliances: Choosing appliances with high energy efficiency ratings allows you to invest in your home and the environment.

Renewable & Low-Maintenance Materials: Stone, brick, wood and recycled materials are becoming increasingly popular as ways to retain building longevity. They require less replacement and maintenance, minimising the need for new materials and wastage long-term.

EV Charging Stations: As electric car sales sky-rocket, so does the need for the home-infrastructure to support it via fast charging ports. It is important to include this when building for either your current car or for future proofing.  

3. Smart-home Technology

2023 will bring home-living into the future, with cool smart-home technologies available for every budget. Whether it is having all your automated features (such as lighting, heating, audio and security) operating under a single system or using something new. Smart home technologies continue to be developed and improved to make your life easier. Talk to Ultimate Builders about how we can help you to achieve your smart-home dreams.

4. Social Kitchens

As the saying goes, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Kitchens are a space where family and friends gather over food, entertainment and conversation. It is important this space accommodates the flow of people and practicality with ease and efficiency.

Key design elements to think about for this 2023 home building trend are adequate benchtop space, deep storage cabinets, a large benchtop island, open-plan kitchen layout and low-maintenance, easy-clean work surfaces and appliances. Your Home and Garden have some great tips for creating the ultimate entertainers’ kitchen.

5. Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is evolving in 2023, with the integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces. We expect to see more homeowners investing in their outdoor dining areas, with more kiwis looking to prioritise their ability to relax and entertain all year-round. This includes adding in enclosed verandas, opening up the home to the garden/patio through glass doors, covered outdoor kitchens and many other features. Explore these outdoor design ideas to get inspired!

New homes for modern kiwis

Whether you’re starting from scratch or selecting one of our house and land packages in Putaruru, Ngaruawahia, or Canterbury,  your home is a place for you to enjoy, live and relax. We encourage you to explore build trends, be inspired and investigate styles and colours that suits you and your lifestyle.

Feeling inspired by exploring recent home-building trends? Make your dreams come true with Ultimate Builders – contact us today.