How long will it take from concrete pour to champagne pour?

If you're thinking about a house and land package, but there's someone you know who built a home and experienced a long construction process, you might naturally have a few questions concerning the timeline. And that’s fair enough!

We can say from the outset each build timeline is different due to the nature of the home (size and specifications), location and land. While we can’t speak for all builds or for other building companies, we can provide you with an indication of a build timeline for one of our standard builds.

Let’s begin.

The initial stage of building a home is confirming exactly what you want in your new home. This contract stage includes consulting with banks and signing of the plans to submit to council. In our view, this initial step can feel (some might say boring) and like the longest, as it tends to require organisation of paperwork for the new homeowner.

Despite this, this initial step really doesn’t take too long and with one of our new home consultants helping to guide you through this process, you will be posting a picture of your sold sign on the section in no time!

Once we have received approved plans from council, a surveyor will be on site with earthworks to follow, and then boxing up of the concrete slab.

Let the FUN begin (construction of your home!)

From slab down there are six distinct milestones:

1.       Frames Up

2.      Roof & Joinery

3.      Electrical walk through

4.      Interior lining & paint

5.      Flooring kitchen & bathroom

6.       Final walkthrough and handover

With a standard build, we aim to complete the project within 18 weeks. However, external factors, like severe weather conditions could potentially cause delays. Although there may be occasional minor setbacks, we will keep you informed of any expected delays through regular communication during the construction process. Throughout your build it is important to us to keep you fully informed and so we have an online portal system where you receive regular updates of your build including photos where you can see the build schedule a month in advance.


Building a new home comes with multiple benefits including choosing your own colours inside (hello Pinterest board) and the warranties included in a new build. Consequently, your home becomes a true reflection of your style while any necessary repairs are covered by these warranties (unlike a used home). If you love the idea of a new home and are interested in one of our house and land packages or if you have any further questions regarding the build timeline, contact one of our new home consultants today.