Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Flooring for Your Home

When choosing the right flooring for your home the perfect balance between aesthetically pleasing, practical and comfortable needs to be met. To help you find this balance we have put together our top five tips to help you select the best flooring for your new home.

Firstly, let’s talk budget. It is helpful to understand what budget you have allocated to spend on flooring and if this is a set budget or if there is room for flexibility. Your preference might be to have a larger proportion of the home as hard flooring and a smaller area carpeted, however; it is worth keeping in mind that hard flooring can be more costly than carpet. This is not necessarily the material cost, but the labour cost can push it the hard flooring to a higher per square metre rate.

Durability of the flooring must also be considered. Larger areas in your home with hard flooring might be worth the investment if you have young kids or pets for instance.

Maintenance is another crucial point to be considered. The plush carpet might feel lovely on the winter mornings, but a low maintenance vinyl flooring might be better suited to your households’ requirements and time restraints.

A combination of flooring is always a great option and as a general rule to follow- hard flooring is best suited for the dining and kitchen areas and the bedrooms carpeted. Hard flooring is becoming increasingly seen in the bedrooms however, as a hypoallergenic option for people who are sensitive to dust.

Whichever flooring you choose, the style, and colouring should complement your interior design choices. For this reason, it is best to have an idea of the overall colour palette for the home and often mood boards are worthwhile creating to help navigate the selection process.

By following these top tips, you can confidently select a flooring option that enhances your living space's beauty, comfort, and functionality for years to come.

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