Simple seven step guide to house and land packages

Are you considering a house and land package but are not sure where to start? Below is a simple 7 step guide to help you navigate the unknown territory with ease.

Step 1:

Clearly define your needs in the new home. Once you start down the new home path it can be exciting and easy to get swept up in the wants, so it is good to have a focal point to come back to which will help guide your decisions throughout the process.

Step 2:

Consider locations regarding schools, amenities, and future development plans. This will help to narrow down areas of potential buying for your dream home.

Step 3:

Do your research on the building company. This sounds more time intensive than it is. Look at social media for reviews. Check if they are certified builders and what guarantees are included, for example-Ultimate Builders are certified builders and our builds are backed by the 10-yearHalo guarantee.

Step 4:

Understand the House and Land package. Check what is and what is not included. For instance, some build companies will use the term PC sum (provisional sum) for example regarding landscaping. A provisional amount is not fixed and therefore you may end up with a higher landscaping charge than you anticipated. Ultimate Builders, however, offer fixed contracts and so there are no hidden extras.

Step 5:

Get your finances in order, this may include talking with a mortgage broker or advisor. Understanding your financial capacity will help you make informed decisions.

Step 6:

Seek independent legal advice prior to signing any contract. Solicitors will help ensure you have understood any obligations from both parties and any covenants that maybe included in the contract.

Step 7:

Have fun! Enjoy the build journey and make sure you are kept in the loop. Ultimate Builders are in regular communication with clients and use an online portal to send updates and photos as we understand this is your dream home (or investment) and you should be kept up to date at every step of the way!

Keen to know more? Get in contact today and find out how Ultimate Builders can help you on your build journey.